When purchasing KCB coins you get this blockchain mobile phone for free

Receive a free blockchain mobile phone when you purchase KCB coins!

Impulse K1 phone (3 colours to choose from)

This blockchain mobile phone is the first decentralized smartphone with integrated payment system! The next generation of communication tech.

This phone is another product of Karatbars.

The phone was engineered with PRIVACY and SECURITY in mind. The very things people are looking for these days.

Once the phone is yours, it’s yours. Nobody else can use it without your consent!

Impulse K1 phone it’s called.

Several unique features of Impulse K1 phone:

  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Face ID access
  • Warm Guard
  • Utilizes SATELLITE. (Satellite connection is much safer and healthier for your body than cellular connection)
  • Total monthly fees are under $10!

You can get the phone for free when purchasing coins only until September. That’s because KBC coins are going on the first exchange about that time.

(You are getting the phone for free because you purchase KCB coins privately from Karatbars).

Note! It’s a pre-sale. The estimated phone delivery is September/October 2019. And the phone is out on the market in September/October.


How to purchase KCB coins and get a free Impulse K1 phone

1. Register for Karatbars account here (free)

2. Click on ‘Switch to Karatgold’ at the top

3. Hover over ‘Product Purchase’ and click on ‘Impulse K1 Phone’ and choose the amount of coins you want to purchase


If you have any questions or need any assistance write me at mivaniuk@shaw.ca. If I can’t assist you, I will get someone for you who is able to do it.

Or alternatively, click on ‘More information’ at the top right hand corner here.


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