• Margarita


      “Au” may simply stand for a chemical symbol of gold.
      It also may stand for a company name or refinery.
      But I’m inclined to think that it stands for a chemical symbol of gold.

      Thanks for dropping by, and let me know if you have any more questions!

  1. Anonymous

    maam good day, how could you compare the value of 999.9 chinese gold to other countries 999.9 refineness particularly saudi or japan gold

    • Margarita


      Thank you for your question.
      If it says 999.9 on a bar as long as it’s not fake and coming from a reputable refinery or bank, doesn’t matter whether it’s Chinese or Japanese.

  2. Hayley Jepson

    I have just bought a gold bar that says doneness 999.9 weight 1g is this a good investment and how much is it worth? Also, is there anyway, of knowing when the price of gold increases and by how much. I purchased my gold as an investment.

    • Margarita

      Hi Hayley,

      I apologize for a delay in replying.

      Gold is an excellent investment – keep it up!

      As long as you bought the bar from a reputable dealer, 999.9 means that it’s the best possible purity.
      Its worth is determined by its weight as well as when you decide to exchange it for currency (i.e. the price of gold at that time.)

      Although it’s complicated to predict when the price of gold will go up next, gold price usually increases in times of economic instability such as recession.
      You can see this in Figure 4 provided in this article: https://freewithgold.com/gold-to-oil-price-ratio-spikes-during-times-of-recession-usually
      The gold price (# of barrels of oil you can buy with one 1 ounce of gold) spiked around 2008-2009 and 2014-2015 which were two recessions we had in the last decade.

  3. Melissa

    Hello, I have a gold necklace, not to sure where it’s from, but from the clasp, I believe over seas. It has 9999 on it, along with a few marks. It weighs 42 grams, and it looks like the beads on it are painted. Is just straight numbers no decimal mean it could be pure gold? Thank you.

    • Margarita

      Hi Melissa,

      If it’s a genuine gold necklace, then 9999 stands for 0.9999. (It also mean the same as 999.9 I bring up in this article).

      So, the necklace is 0.9999 gold, which is highly refined gold since it means that 99.99% of the necklace is pure gold.
      And only 0.01% are impurities like iron and copper.

      This Royal Canadian Mint coin also has 9999 on it (no decimals) just like your necklace.

      Given that your necklace is 42 grams, it is very valuable – congratulations Melissa, you are fortunate to have it in your possession!

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