• Margarita

      Hey Miemie,

      You are talking about your Karatbars dashboard, right?
      Yes, you are correct, you should have ‘0’ next to ‘KCB Coins’ and ‘KBC Coins’

  1. Kirk Thompson


    Thanks very much for the information. I have followed all the steps and linked my https://www.karatgold.sg/ account to Karatbit.

    However on my dashboard on Karatbit it still shows a zero balance for the coins and my karatbar account still shows that all the coins are there.

    However the Karatbit id is there which I suppose means that I must wait for the Karatbar staff to transfer the coins? It is not immediate?

    Thanks for letting me know just want to make sure i have not made any mistakes.

    Really grateful for the help.

    • Margarita

      Hi Kirk,

      You are right!

      If you linked your account and you can see you Karatbit ID in your Karatbars Dashboard under ‘Your account’, you are done and mistake-free 🙂 So, you should see this under ‘Your account’.

      Karatbars staff will transfer all your coins to Karatbit sometimes by the end of the hardfork day (December 16).

      Here is an official answer from Karatbit Exchange:

      Dear customer,

      Thank you for your request

      The coins will be moved by the end of the hardfork. Your tokens will be automatically transferred by us. You don’t have to do anything regarding that.

      If you have further questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

      Enjoy your weekend 🙂

    • Margarita

      Hi Secilia,

      Thank you for coming 🙂

      Have you activated 2FA correctly?

      See to activate 2FA here.

      If you do have it activated properly and after entering 5 times it still says it’s wrong, then the code you are entering may not be associated with this specific Karatbit account.

      In other words, if you use Google Authenticator for several accounts, are you sure that this code is associated with this Karatbit account?

      If you are sure, than I’d clear cookies and try entering the code again.


      If it still doesn’t work:

      1. Then I’d email Karatbit at support@karatbit.com and ask them to disable 2FA code for your Karatbit account.

      2. Then re-install Google Authenticator app on your phone.

      3. Then log in into your Karatbit account after Karatbit has deactivated your 2FA.

      4. After that, just re-activate 2FA and you should be good to go.


      Let me know if you get stuck along the way and I’ll assist you 🙂

  2. doriansesko@gmail.com

    i just linked my karatbars to karatbit and i have my KCB on karatbar, am i to late to transfer KCB to KBC?

    • Margarita

      Hi Dorian,

      If you just linked your accounts you need to wait for Karatbars staff to transfer the coins to your Karatbit account.

      As long as Karatbars staff transfers the coins sometimes before January 4, you won’t be late to exchange KCB for KBC.

      The deadline to decide what you want to do with your KCB is the end of January 4.

      See how to exchange KCB for KBC here.

      Make 2020 be the turning point 🙂

  3. angel

    I have written several emails to karatbars and karatbit since 11 December 2019 to date. I have not progress much querying about my coins and commission that are not reflecting. Today i saw on my karatbars profile setting that it does not have payout tab when i compare with my sisters setting. Karatbars says not linked but karatbit says linked already.

    • Margarita

      Hi Angel 🙂

      Sometimes there maybe technical/formatting bugs in Karatbars dashboard. So log out, log in again, and clear cookies.

      If Karatbars says ‘not linked’ but Karatbit says ‘linked’, again, clear your cookies, to reflect the changes.

      The Jan 4th deadline just got extended, so you have lots of time.

      Happy 2020 🙂


    Hi guys, been out of the loop for a couple of months and I just read that I need to transfer my KBC to Karatbit, why do I need to do this? What if I failed to do this what will happen to my KBC?

  5. Pieter

    I Transferred my new KBC “7th Jan 2020” after the merge to Metamask. The contract ID of the withdraw in karatbit was : 0xf3586684107ce0859c44aa2b2e0fb8cd8731a15a . My new KBC’s is now reflecting in Metamask but i am unable to send it to any other KBC exchange or even back to karatbit. I have done this more than 30 times successful before. I need any help PLEASE. My KBC is stuck in Metamask!

    • Margarita

      Hi Pieter,

      Metamask extension? You mean your coins in MyEtherWallet (MEW), correct?

      Try with MEW CX extension, I used when transferring the coins from MyEtherWallet and it worked well.

      Also MEWconnect worked too for one batch of coins (I had to go with another it because I could not re-install it after accidentally uninstalling it).

      Let me know if it helps 😉

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