• Margarita

      Hi Doris,

      What is the reason you can’t register?

      Is there an error message at some step? Something else?

      Let me know 🙂

    • Margarita

      Hi Doris,

      Oh yes, I had the same problem.

      If you entered the code more than 10 times, then the code you are entering may not be associated with your account.

      If you use Google Authenticator for several accounts, are you sure that this code is associated with this Karatbit account?

      If you are sure, than I’d clear cookies and try entering the code again.

      If it doesn’t work:

      1. Then I’d email Karatbit at support@karatbit.com and ask them to disable 2FA code for your Karatbit account.

      2. Then re-install Google Authenticator app on your phone.

      3. Then log in into your Karatbit account once Karatbit deactivated your 2FA.

      4. After that, just re-activate 2FA and you should be good to go.

      Let me know if it works 🙂

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