Karatbars update 2021: Personal opinion

Many people are frustrated with Karatbars: Karatbit, QR codes, gold delivery, and other misworkings…

(Personally, I am waiting to be able to order gold in Karatbars backoffice).


Here what I think about all that.

What’s going with Karatbars is just how things are now. It’s not bad, nor good.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so ~ William Shakespeare.

This is happening for a reason. And this is for the best, like all challenges in life.


Think about it:

In our personal lives, sometimes things go way differently than how it was planned, and this can happen with entire companies too.

Personally, I just accepted how things are and let it go.
I know that things will be resolved in the divine timing ?


If you wish to file a delivery request…

Personally, I haven’t been able to file a delivery request (the credit card doesn’t get charged).

I’d say, let’s just wait.


I heard that QR codes may become V999 in the future.

Again, just maybe.



Karatbit has been out of operation since the end of December of 2020.

I would like to believe that for those people who have funds on Karatbit, Karatbars will make it possible to withdraw them.



Again, above is strictly my personal thinking and world view.

Whatever it is, everything is there only for the best in our lives.

Have a blessed day.



    I have kcb coins stuck in karatpay. Are they ever going to transfer to v999 or does anyone have new information regarding this. This is getting extremely frustrating.

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