Quick Karatbars Overview


In addition to a variety of beautiful gold-based products, the core products of Karatbars International GmbH (Karatbars) are small-denomination 999.99 gold bars and two gold-backed cryptocurrencies (KBC and KCB coins).

The company acquires gold from LBMA accredited refineries.


Karatbars gold cards

Karatbars 1 gram, 2.5 gram and 5 gram 24 karat gold bars. The bars are embedded in heat-sealed plastic cards.

First of all, check here to see whether Karatbars is open in your country

At the moment Karatbars is open in over 140 countries!


Karatbars offers customer and affiliate accounts

Customer account – to save in gold

A customer account is completely free (no monthly or hidden charges). Basically, it is a gold savings account and is similar to your savings or chequing account in a bank.

Affiliate account  – both, to save in gold and share this opportunity of saving in gold

An affiliate account is either free or paid.

A paid affiliate account offers much better commissions on the purchases that your referrals make. Before you buy one of four business packages, I would recommend that you have some friends/relatives/acquaintances who will be interested to save in gold as well.

Generally, when people decide to open an account with Karatbars, they register under an affiliate account (free or paid), not a customer account, simply because there are more benefits to it.


Watch this corporate video (it’s addicting)


About Karatbars by Brian McGinty (including its cryptocurrencies; April 2019)

On Karatbars’ products and affiliate program (May 2019)

Also, watch this video to get a general idea of:

  • Your position in the current global financial system
  • How Karatbars ties into the global financial system

You can subscribe to Karatbars YouTube channel here.

From my point of view, this Germany company is a win-win choice since it does not only offer an opportunity to save in gold and gold-backed cryptocurrency but you can also earn commissions by telling others about it.

You can read my personal review on Karatbars here.

About Karatbars credibility you can read here.

To get your free or paid account go here.


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