• Margarita

      Hi Peter,

      There are many ways to do it.
      The amount of money you make is always going to be proportional to the value of what you do and the difficulty of replacing you.
      More real value to others = More money 🙂

      The most pleasant way to make money is to make a business out of your hobby.

      Do you love to workout? Create an online course for kids under 15 on the most effective workouts to build their self-confidence, for example.

      Are you a computer geek? Create an app that chooses a diet for an individual based on their interests and taste preferences.

      If you are asking this question in the context of Karatbars.

      First, open an account with Karatbars
      Second, complete these 5 steps

      While you do the above, prepare your mind to create the wealth of your dreams by reading these 2 books. Note: Your fertile mindset is the single most important ingredient to financial success

      1. Listen to Napoleon Hill’s The Law of Success Course in 16 Lessons
      2. Read Tony Robbins’ Money: Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom
      You can also listen to this book by using a narrator feature.

      All questions are welcome 🙂

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