• Hey miss, I can’t exchange my regarding to my 2FA pin which been wrapped on the phone .😭😭😭 And I sent a couple queries to the support but the Holliday took place .

        Do not you expand a bit others who are running such case to re-new their pin?

    • Margarita

      Hi Yusuf,

      According to hard fork options document, Gold standard bank IPO should take place no later than 18 months.

      The below is from that document:

      2. What happens to my coins in the time until exchanged in shares?
      Nothing. You will hold a certain nominal value to be used in the IPO not later than 18 months.

      Make 2020 a miracle for yourself 🙂

  1. Bowen Croaker

    Merry Christmas,

    I was wondering if you know anything about how future prospects can get a hold of KCB. Will they be coming back to packages after the 5th or are they staying removed.

    Thank you

    • Margarita

      Merry Christmas Bowen!

      Do you mean KBC?

      Because KCB will no longer be offered (in the next 6 months all KCB will be exchanged for KBC or will go toward Gold Standard Bank IPO).

      And yes, KCB is no longer offered with any packages.

      Let me know what you meant 🙂

    • Margarita

      Hi Elliott,

      Probably, it’s not known yet.

      What I know is, as long as you exchange KCB to KBC on Karatbit, after that you don’t have to do anything (for now at least).

      Much abundance to you in 2020!

  2. branco

    Hola muy buenas tardes soy afiliado de karatbit. mire, borraron mi hijo la aplicacion de google autenticator y ya no puedo ingresar al karatbit, alli tengo como 5600 kcb. pero quiero saber si puede alguien desbloquear la seguridad 2fa ? para poder acceder a mi cuenta nuevamente y comprar kbc atraves de el hardfork y los kcb… si alguien puede ayudarme se lo agradeceria, ya envie soporte a karatbit y aun nada de respuesta , estoy desesperado no se que hacer para poder volver a entrar a mi cuenta karatbit. :/

    • Margarita

      “Hello, good afternoon, I am a member of karatbit. look, my son deleted the google authenticator application and I can no longer enter karatbit, there I have about 5600 kcb. But I want to know if anyone can unlock 2fa security? to be able to access my account again and buy kbc through the hardfork and the kcb … if anyone can help me I would appreciate it, I already sent support to karatbit and even no response, I am desperate I don’t know what to do to be able to re-enter my karatbit account : /”

      Hi Branco,

      Yeah, that’s a situation…

      You need to contact support to disable your 2FA and then reinstall the Google Authenticator app on your phone. See more here.

      Yeah, Karatbit takes time to answer (they are working on improving their support system).

      Tomorrow call Karatbars at +1 224 829 00 47 (Canada or US) or +49 (0) 711 128 970 00 (EU and UK) and ask them to disable 2FA for you.

      Many people are getting delayed responses from Karatbit, so there is a chance that the Jan 4 deadline may be extended.

      So, call Karatbars tomorrow.

      All will be good, Karatbars really cares about people (in the long run 😉 ) — you will be able to do what you planned to do 🙂

      • branco

        Ok muchisimas gracias margarita, me ayudaste mucho con la informacion muy clara y oportuna le deseo lo mejor en este 2020 que dios la bendiga y que el oro llegue a su vida 🙂

        • Margarita

          You are welcome Branco. Thank you for the gracious wishes 🙂 🙂

          God bless you as well and expect lots of joy and abundance in your life in 2020 and going forward 🙂

  3. You say… if you want to buy a GSB share when Karatbars offers them to public in the future, you just hold your KCB as they are in your Karatbit account and let Karatbars know that you want to buy a GSB share.

    So, this choice is equal…Do nothing with KCB’s OR get the voucher with our KCB. This is the same choice, correct?
    #2. Must we inform Karatbars what to do withe the KCB’s that still sit on our Karatbars dashboard?

    • Margarita

      Hi Lula,

      I apologize for a delayed reply.

      Thank you for bringing this up.

      If you want to apply for Gold Standard Bank IPO, yes, you need to get a voucher for your KCB (I’m updating the info above). I’ll post a tutorial on this tomorrow.

      No, you don’t really have to inform Karatbars about that since you are indicating your KCB option via getting a voucher or exchanging to KBC (you can do both).

      p.s. Subscribe to the newsletter to get a tutorial on vouchers into your inbox.

      Have a miraculous 2020 🙂

  4. Karen

    I have done everything that is required yet the exchange kcb is not coming up after i’ve entered the amount!!!!!!

    • Margarita

      Hi Karen,

      KCB and KBC balance will be updated on Jan 4, 2020 (please see ‘Completion Date’ on Screenshot #5 above)

      Or you meant something else? Please clarify.

      Have a beautiful 2020 🙂

  5. Dale

    My Karatbars and Karatbit accounts were linked three days ago but my Karatbit account still shows 0 KCB coins. I want to convert KCB to KBC. Am I missing a step?

    • Margarita

      Hi Dale,

      Karatbars staff may take time to transfer the coins… Plus given the holidays in the last week… so please wait a bit.

      If you don’t see the coins on Jan 4, then don’t worry. I’m 100% sure that whatever you want to do with your coins, you will be able to do 🙂

      I’d give Karatbars a call today and leave a message explaining the situation: +1 224 829 00 47 (Canada or US) or +49 (0) 711 128 970 00 (EU and UK).

      Given that so many people are not ready with their Karatbit accounts, there is a possibility that the Jan 4 deadline may be extended, but that’s just my thoughts.

      Have a blessed 2020!

  6. Elizabeth

    WIll I be able to Exchange KCB TO KBC after January 4th. I travel on holiday just came back. will this option still available for me?

  7. Roberta Romano

    Dear Margarita,
    Since you seem so kind and helpful I have a question I missed the deadline yesterday because i linked the two accounts too late and although I had time my KCBs did not show up on time in the Karatbit accpunt, because I did not know that KCBs are transferred in batches and not individually, So now I will have all my KCBs used for vouchers, although this was not my first choice. Do you know if every coin will be a voucher? But also would we need to buy shares after the IPO is issued or every voucher will be a share? Finally, would this mean that I will not longer have any KCB that I can convert in KCBs or I can reconvert some vouchers in KBC?


    • Margarita

      Hi Roberta,

      Sure 🙂

      Do you know if every coin will be a voucher?
      As far as I know from the official document all remaining KCB coins will eventually be driven into GSC IPO vouchers after Jan 13, 2020.

      The below question is from that document.

      What happens if I let the two weeks pass and have done nothing?
      You have two option to choose in the 2 weeks period. Either KCB to KaratNet KBC or you keep the nominal value for the regulated market. If you do not choose any option, you automatically will be driven in option2.

      But also would we need to buy shares after the IPO is issued or every voucher will be a share?
      I don’t think we will need to buy anything, the vouchers will just automatically go towards GSC IPO shares in the next 18 months. Of course, unless something changes down the road.

      Finally, would this mean that I will not longer have any KCB that I can convert in KCBs or I can reconvert some vouchers in KBC?
      No (unless anything changes). Remember, that there is no more KCB, only KBC once the hardfork is completed (two coins merge into one coin).

      Subscribe to my newsletter (on the right; scroll up). You will get notifications of any updates and news, this way you are in time and on top of everything next time 🙂

  8. Bratislav

    Hi together,
    I havent done this exchange because Support was to slow and now I have my invested many as KCB Vouchers, can I cancel my Contract and became my money back. Is there any way to do that? I realle dont understand this Karatbars Stratege and what am I waiting for. Really dissapointed.
    Thank you

    • Margarita

      Hi Bratislav,

      It’s all fine.
      KCB vouchers may turn out even better than the KCB itself!

      No, you can’t cancel. And it wasn’t really a contract, there were no any signatures inolved…

      Now it’s just time to wait and expect the best out of those KCB vouchers.
      Any success is 100% mindset!
      If it’s not this, then there is something much better for you!

      Karatbars is always evolving and sometimes it’s not perfect, so it’s in our own interest to be understanding and patient.

      Have a miraculous day and remember that any type of success comes from within us 🙂


    Hi, I did the conversion to KBC on dec 2019, but when I checked my karatbit account yesterday i found zero KBC and zero KCB also. I do not know where my coins gone. Please help. Thanks

    • Margarita

      Hi Elsadig,

      You did a conversion of KCB to KBC?

      Yes, you won’t see KCB because KCB all became KBC in December. ..

      Did you put KBC into the Reduction Plan? If so, you won’t see KBC coins in your dashboard since they are in the Plan 😉

      Also, make sure you transfer all KBC to Karatbit before Oct, 15.

      In general, to stay on top of the updates, please go to the “Latest News” in your Karatbars backoffice.



    Thanks so much. I found my coins in the voucher section. I do not know how they end up there. Anyways, I transferred them to the reduction plan.
    Another question, I invested 750 euros in buying a package. Where is that money gone, and how do I get it back. The coins I own now as a result of buying the package worth a fraction of that amount. Thanks

    • Margarita

      Hi Elsadig,


      The package is like a business license, it’s not an investment. To make money off it, you want to bring people into your team.


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