FREE blockchain phone. Act now! The offer is over in September 2019

Impulse K1 Phone colours: Carbon, Gold, Army
  • How would it feel like if instead of paying 70 USD for your phone every single month, you paid under 10 USD?
  • How would it feel like if instead of ski-high roaming charges, your could use your phone in any part of the world and still pay only $10 per month?!
  • What would it be like to go hiking in the wilderness with no wi-fi around and still be able to use your phone in case of emergency?

How would it feel like if your phone was all the above plus you got it for free in the first place?! Sounds too good to be true? Oh yes, it does!

Nevertheless, Impulse K1 Phone provides all the benefits I mentioned above and it’s free! But hurry up, time is running out! The phone is free only until September 2019! (Then its price is over 1200 USD).

  • Now, how does it feel like knowing that your personal messages are read by third parties?
  • How does it feel like knowing that your address and other personal data can be sold by third parties to other third parties at any time?!!

Impulse K1-Phone eliminates these two as well! Everyone is entitled to true privacy and security and not just the echos of them.

What is Impulse K1 Phone?

Impulse K1 phone is the first smartphone in the world working on “VOBP” – Voice Over Blockchain Protocol.

“VOBP”…. what? You’ll know what benefits VOPB provides if you read further.

Impulse K1 phone is a tech miracle combining the most recent applications of astronomy, math, physics, psychology, sociology, economy, telecommunication and informatics. Instead of throwing fancy terms at you I’ll just list the unbelievable benefits you get to enjoy when using Impulse K1 Phone.

Make your life more private, more secure, and less expensive with Impulse K1 Phone

  • Pay less than 10 USD per month! The feature called Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VOBP) makes monthly fees dirt cheap!
  • Nobody knows where you are located unless you turn your location ‘on’. The feature called Electronic Warfare Transmitted Location makes you invincible.
  • Nobody can see your pictures or other media stored on your phone except you! The feature called End-to-End Encryption makes it seem like you pictures are absent from the surface of the Earth. Yet, they are at your fingertips!
  • Nobody can read messages or hear your conversations except your buddy on the other line. The feature called Peer-to-Peer Encryption makes you all like a spy (a good one)!
  • Store as much pictures and videos as you want! Literally, you can enjoy infinite storage. The feature called InterPlanetary File System makes your phone bottomless!
  • Use you phone anywhere on the planet without extra charges! Whether you are in Mexico, Thailand, Australia, or Arctic you can text and call as though you are at your home town. Satellite connection makes this good stuff possible.
  • You can have as much phone numbers as you wish! Want a phone number just for your family? Just for your work office? That’s another cool benefit offered by Voice Over Blockchain Protocol.
  • Only and only you can access your phone. The feature super-guarding your phone 24/7 is called Worm Guard.
  • In case you lose your phone, you can retrieve all your information back! This convenient and nerve-saving feature is called R-Link.

Watch the features I summarized above illustrated in this 2.5-min official commercial.

Yes. Sadly, your current smartphone makes your life less private, less secure, and more expensive.

Let’s compare Impulse K1 Phone and your regular smartphone.

“OK. Enough!! I’m sold, how do I get Impulse K1 Phone?”

How to get Impulse K1 Phone?

To get the Impulse K1 Phone for free, you need to be a Karatbars affiliate. To become an affiliate with Karatbars register here.

  1. Go to and click on ‘Login’ in the upper right corner.
  2. Enter your username, password, captcha and click ‘Login’. Again, if you are not registered with Karatbars as an affiliate, register here.
  3. Once you are in your Karatbars backoffice, click ‘Switch to KaratGold’.
  4. Hover over ‘Product Purchase’ and click ‘Impulse K1 Phone’. You will be taken to a page with the list of Impulse K1 Packages available (Marked 1 below).
ow to buy KCB_impulse K1 packages

Which Impulse K1 Package to choose? Read below details to decide

  • There are four different packages. 
  • The smallest package is Impulse K1 Package #1 which costs 1,250 euros.
  • The biggest package is Impulse K1 Package #4 which costs 4,000 euros. You can choose the colour of your Impulse K1 Phone: available in army, carbon or gold.
  • Wait, but you said the phone was was free!! It is free! What you are paying for is KCB cryptocurrency. Plus you get a KCB bonus and a Karatbars business package on top. You are getting as much as 3X value for the price you are paying!!
  • Let’s see what exactly is in each Impulse K1 Package:
    • Impulse K1 phone
    • KCB coins worth the amount you paid for. For example, Impulse K1 Package #1 is 1,250 euros. So you get 1,250 euros worth of KCB coins.
    • KCB bonus. KCB bonus ranges from 80% to 120% depending on a package. For example, Impulse K1 Package #1 offers a 80% KCB bonus.
    • Business package. Depending on a package, a business package is either Silver, Gold, or VIP. For example, an Impulse K1 Package #1 gives you a silver business package. (A business package allows you to earn commissions as a Karatbars affiliate. See 7 types of commissions you get here).

Impulse K1 Package #1

For example, here a close-up screenshot of what goes inside the Impulse K1 Package 150 (Marked 2 below). It’s the smallest package available.

Profit Package 150

Impulse K1 Package #4

Here is a close-up screenshot of what goes inside the Impulse K1 Package #4 (Marked 3 below). It’s the biggest package available.

How to buy KCB_impulse K4 package

After choosing an Impulse K1 Package

  1. After choosing an Impulse K1 Package, click on ‘Checkout’ at the bottom
  2. Check all three boxes in ‘Step 1 Terms and Conditions’ section and click ‘Next’.
  3. Skip ‘Step 2 Bonus card options’, since it doesn’t apply to this particular transaction. Just click ‘Next’. (This only applies when you buy a business package or set-up a gold autosave).
  4. In ‘Step 3 Shipping options’, check the box ‘I agree to the transfer of my data to the logistics partner’.
  5. In ‘Step 4 Payment options’, choose your preferred method of payment. Choose either ‘KaratPay Payment’ or ‘Credit Card / Debit Card / SOFORTüberweisung (nur D A CH’ or ‘K-Merchant Payment (BTC / ETH)’.
  6. On the same page below, check the box next to ‘Please read the message below and check the check-box in order to continue’
  7. Then click ‘Pay Now’
  8. If the transaction is successful, you will be taken to the ‘Order Confirmation’ page.

Congratulations, now you’re all set for your Impulse K1 Phone to arrive in October 2019.

With your new Impulse K1 Phone enjoy more privacy, security and more money in your bank account today and in the coming years.

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