Recreational Gold Panning, BC, Canada: Where To Pan If You Are Close To Revelstoke

Recreational Gold Panning, BC: Revelstoke

About two years ago I published a post on recreational gold panning in British Columbia, Canada. Here is it:   Gold panning in British Columbia – something to try during the next visit   Recently somebody asked what is the closest gold panning reserve from  the Smokey Bear Campground. This campground is located in Revelstoke, … [keep reading..]

First coins in history – the river Pactolus and a legend

  It’s time for a break from information. But before that – bits of the past. The first coins in history most often are associated with the ancient kingdom Lydia. Situated near the coast of Aegean Sea, it was part of what is today western Turkey. Although with little variations in mass, these coins were of irregular shape, … [keep reading..]