Oct 15 Karatbars news and updates

Here are updates and news on Karatbars and Freebay up to Oct 15. To be on top of the current updates and deadlines, make sure you watch the affiliate call with Nitsa Nakos below. The video should answer most of your questions.     A couple updates taken from the above call: -The Reduction Plan … [keep reading..]

Karatbars and Freebay: Video and FAQ

What’s Freebay and what does it have to do with your Karatbars account? Please watch the well-laid out video below (by Bruce Hughes) and read FAQ to learn about all that.   Video explaining Freebay     FAQ on Freebay Karatbars International GmbH stays in business. Your account will stay online. Commissions from Karatbars will … [keep reading..]