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Today, I’m answering two recent Karatbars questions asked by people on this blog.   1. I lost my Karatbars MasterCard two months ago. Is it possible to get new one?  You can easily get a new one. Please contact MasterCard support at karatbars@prepaidfinancialservices.com and say that you lost your card and they will be able … [keep reading..]

What is Karatbars gold? A must-see gold card and cash gold!

What is Karatbars gold? Some of the first products created by Karatbars were small gold bars embedded into credit-like cards and paper: Today, these gold bars come in various denominations: 0.1 grams, 0.2 grams, 0.4 grams, 0.6 grams, 1 gram, 2.5 grams and 5 grams. All gold bars come with hard-to-copy security features. All gold … [keep reading..]

About Karatbars KBC coin (KaratGold Coin): “first digital currency that is actually convertible to a truly valuable asset”

                *Updated October 23, 2019 ~~ Today I’ll talk about KaratGold Coin (KBC). KaratGold Coin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency backed by gold. It is one of the core products of Karatbars.   What BitCoin News says about KaratGold Coin Starting with a non-affiliated source, the BitCoin News. Here … [keep reading..]

Never heard of Karatbars? Here is a 2-min read (you may be glad you did)

Never heard of Karatbars? Here is a 2-min read (you will be glad you did)

Today I’m writing a short overview for those who are not yet familiar with Karatbars.   The company Karatbars is a 8-year old gold e-commerce company. It’s a German company with main headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. Karatbars is also a networking marketing company (not a multi-level marketing company). Its primary products are gold in small … [keep reading..]

Updates on what’s going in Karatbars

Updates on what's going in Karatbars

Many new things and good changes happen in Karatbars these days. I’ve been getting quite a bit of emails in January from an upline with updates on Karatbars and the criticality of converting some of the fiat currency into gold or gold-backed money (KBC or KCB). I’ll mention a few things in this post and … [keep reading..]