Updates on what’s going in Karatbars

Updates on what's going in Karatbars

Many new things and good changes happen in Karatbars these days. I’ve been getting quite a bit of emails in January from an upline with updates on Karatbars and the criticality of converting some of the fiat currency into gold or gold-backed money (KBC or KCB). I’ll mention a few things in this post and … [keep reading..]

Karatbars Open Its Own Exchange – Karatbit!

Karatbars Open Its Own Exchange - Karatbit!

November 7/2018 update: The Karatbars exchange is functional! Check it out here. Later in a day KaratBit Exchange – an exchange created and owned by Karatbars – should start functioning! The url is www.karatbit.com. (I just checked and it’s still under maintenance). Simply go to www.karatbit.com and login with your Karatbars login information whenever it is up … [keep reading..]

K-Exchange and First Crypto Cell phone

K-exchange and First Crypto Cell phone

I’ll talk about two Karatbars things today – K-Exchange and the coming cryptocurrency phone. K-Exchange K-Exchange has been around for a while. Basically, it’s a system where a bunch of physical and online shops can accept Karatbars gold as payment. When you deal with such shop, you can either pay with Karatbars gold physically – … [keep reading..]

Cryptocurrency training event on November 10 in Calgary

Last Friday event with Zoltan had elements of excitement and the feeling that something big should be coming (as all events of this nature). The theater was full. Now, if you would like to learn the hands-on info on: Blockchain Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies KaratCoinBank coin (KCB) that is backed by GOLD (and how you can benefit … [keep reading..]

KaratGold Coin just got listed on HitBTC

KaratGold Coin just got listed on HitBTC

Good news, again. KaratGold Coin just got listed on one of the major currency exchanges, HitBTC. For more, go to bitcoinist.com (the news portal on BitCoin & other cryptocurrencies), and read what they have to say: KaratGold Coin (KBC) Gets Enlisted on HitBTC Following One the Biggest ICO’s ever in History   Congratulations Mr. Seiz, … [keep reading..]