Karatbars blockchain laptop – be one of the first to experience its genius

If you google “blockchain laptop”, “blockchain-based laptop” or something similar you will see that the online crypto world is raving about a laptop that was just released by Karatbars and Cryptodata. Indeed WHIM K1 laptop is the world’s first blockchain laptop! This laptop  operates on Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VOBP). Just like its brother, Impulse … [keep reading..]

How much is Impulse K1 Phone?

How much is Impulse K1 Phone? That’s a recently asked question on this blog. Since you are getting nearly 3X of value on top when purchasing Impulse K1 Package, I look at this promotion as if you are getting Impulse K1 Phone for free. You will see why in a minute, read on. At the … [keep reading..]