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    • Margarita

      Hey Brian,

      You mean ‘promotional material’?

      This blog was seen by several Karatbars employers a while back and I even emailed a few links to Harald Seiz just a few days ago.

      Why? Do you think something needs to be fixed to meet compliance?

      Let me know what you think must be fixed and I’ll fix it right away 🙂

      Thank you!

    • Margarita

      Hi Orlando,

      The new KBC – we’ll have to wait a little until the new KBC is reflected on Karatbit dashboard. The new KBC are those KCB coins that you exchanged for KBC on Karatbit.

      Once you see the new KBC coins in Karatbit dashboard you can withdraw, deposit and exchange them over ERC20 contract.(0xf3586684107ce0859c44aa2b2e0fb8cd8731a15a-KBC smart contract).

      The old KBC… You can withdraw and deposit these in your Karatbit dashboard right now.

      See the hardfork timeline here.


      Also, people who still have KBC and KCB coins in their Karatbars dashboard have about 5 months from today to link Karatbit account to Karatbars and let the staff transfer the coins to Karatbit.

      (All transferred KCB coins will automatically go towards GSB IPO (Gold Standard Bank Shares))


      • Orlando

        When I told you the new KBC coin is the Karanet KBC, the new coin will run in our blockchain.Maybe the name will be different. The old KBC will keep in the old blockchain.This is my idea.

        • Margarita

          Hmm… we’ll see. I feel like the ‘old’ KBC will just become the ‘new’ KBC automatically.
          Let’s see how it unfolds.

  1. Muhammad Sadiq

    Hi Dear Margarita,

    I live in Dubai ( UAE) and have 45 members in my down line and 2 of them they have won Impulse K! phone in cape town incentive and i sent several emails to support but not get it real answer .

    And as a upper line they are asking me when company have to deliver cash GOLD ATM,

    Kindly guide us on this matter then i can explain to my members accordingly

  2. Frik Buys

    I’m trying to login to Karatbits but the system seems to ignore my 2FA code. What do i do wrong or how can I login.

  3. Anna Nekwaya

    Hi Margarita, I am not sure whether you have already posted the explanation about the karatbars gold miner promotion, If you have done so maybe I missed it, can you please forward it to me. I need it , thanks.


    • Margarita

      Hi Aalan,

      It may be possible in the future… not sure exactly if and when though.
      Please join this Telegram group to keep yourself updated (it’s a lot of waiting with this company nowadays). It’s run by the top affiliates who know Karatbars management a little more.
      This is a POSITIVE group for honourable patient people. If you are going to share that link, please only with those people who are Honorable and Respectful. Thank you.
      It’s going to make things easier for you 🙂

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