About KaratCoin Bank coin (KCB). Gold-backed. Blockchain-based.

About KaratCoin Bank coin (KCB). Gold-backed. Blockchain-based_1It’s time to write an update on KaratCoin Bank coin (KCB). Another name for it is KaratBank coin.

Like KaratGold coin (KBC), KaratCoin Bank coin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency and is backed up by gold. And if you don’t know yet, it’s one of the main products of Karatbars.

At the moment you can only buy KCB if you are a Karatbars affiliate or customer.

Key points

    • Designed to be used as a generally accepted electronic payment means for all who consider gold as a secure and value-stable medium
    • Because the coin is backed up by gold, it’s crisis-proof and lacks volatility
    • Launched on September, 2018
    • The current price (July 9, 2019) of 1 KBC token is €0.14 (0.16 USD)
    • Going to be listed on the first exchange in October, 2019
    • Related to the first cryptocurrency bank in Miami (open by Karatbars): KaratCoin Bank. At the moment, the bank is working on the international payment system that will serve the blockchain-based economy

How to buy KCB coin

About KaratCoin Bank coin (KCB). Gold-backed. Blockchain-based. Profit Package

An example of a Profit Package and what’s included

KCB coins are no longer offered as a single piece. But you still can purchase coins as part of the Profit Packages or Impulse K1 Packages. Basically, KCB in these packages is the main product.

Different Profit Packages and Impulse K1 Packages contain different amounts of KCB coins.

You can see what’s included in Profit Packages and Impulse K1 Packages on the images I inserted to the right and below.

Yes, Impulse K1 Package includes that long-awaited blockchain phone. The most secured phone on the market currently! You can read more about the phone here.

The amount of KCB you can purchase through Profit Packages or Impulse K1 Packages is basically unlimited.

1. First register as a Karatbars customer or affiliate.

2. Then go to your Karatgold.sg backoffice and click on ‘Product Purchase’

3. Choose either ‘Profit Packages’ or ‘Impulse K1 Phone’

About KaratCoin Bank coin (KCB). Gold-backed. Blockchain-based. Impulse K1 Phone

Example of an Impulse K1 Phone Package and what’s included

Difference between KaratCoin Bank coin and KaratGold coin

The key difference between the two is that KaratCoin Bank coin (KCB) is more of a utility coin while KaratGold coin (KBC) is more of an asset coin.

Meaning with KCB it’s better to conduct transactions.

While KBC is more like an investment. So, at any time (starting July 4, 2019) you can exchange it for physical gold.



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