TIME-PROVEN FACT: No matter who you are or what you do, you absolutely want to own some physical and digital gold.


Well, because the economy of the modern world is based on paper ‘money’ which can be printed in unlimited amounts (aka fiat currency).

People work and get paid essentially with paper money, which costs less than paper it is printed on.

In other words, we spend 8 hours per day working for nothing.

Does that sound like slavery to you or something along those lanes?

This paper money loses a tiny bit of value every day, and hence, the value of our savings shrinks a bit every day (inflation).


Are you saving for your retirement?

Are you saving for your child’s post secondary education?


When those events occur you may find yourself deeply disappointed how much your savings actually worth in 5-20 years.

Gold preserves the value of paper money.

Gold can also boost the value of paper money.

Today gold has the same value as it had 2500 years ago. While the US dollar has lost more than 98% of its value (purchasing power) in the last 100 years.

The purpose of Free with Gold is to show you how to move some of your fiat money into physical gold (and digital) with Karatbars International.

If you want you can also build a residual income with Karatbars International.


On Free with Gold I:

  • Do how-to tutorials so that even complete newbies can easily navigate in Karatbars

  • Notify you of any Karatbars updates or news

  • Present tips and suggestions on how to grow your Karatbars business.

I also sometimes write on anything  related to gold.


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About me

My name is Margarita. 

I studied science and worked in oil and gas environmental sector.

This didn’t make me financially independent.

In a few years, I realized that official education nowadays is not designed to make one financially self-sufficient without being constantly in debt.

Starting in the fall of 2015 I realized that something needs to be changed.

I gradually began submerging myself into the world of Internet, sales, marketing and financial systems.

In February 2016, I joined an e-commerce network marketing company called Karatbars International.

Although I’ve been following the company for all these years, I became really active with Karatbars in August of 2019.


NOTE: I’m an independent Karatbars affiliate, not a contractor or employee of Karatbars