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Today, I’m posting two recent Karatbars questions and answers asked by people in the comments of this blog.


Q1. I lost my Karatbars MasterCard two months ago. Is it possible to get new one? Thanks.

A2. You can easily get a new one.

Please contact MasterCard support at karatbars@prepaidfinancialservices.com and say that you lost your card and they will be able to get a replacement card for you.

You can also call MasterCard support:

  • If you are in UK, call +44-207-127-8165.
  • If you are in US, call 001-518-751-9114.

Have a wonderful day!


Q2: I bought Karatbank coins over a year ago but when I try to log in now it’s unsuccessful. What happened to the site & where are my coins?
Please can you help me trace them?

Q2. Do not worry, your coins are safe and sound 🙂 That website is no longer active. It was replaced by this website.

You can see how many coins you have in total in your Karatgold dashboard. Go to https://www.karatgold.sg, login, and you will end up on your Karatgold dashboard.

Karatbars transferred your KCB coin to two places: Karatbit exchange and Ethereum wallet.

You can also contact Elizabeth at Karatbars support at elizabeth.cruz@karatbars.com.

Enjoy your day 🙂

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