What is Karatbars opportunity all about?

What is Karatbars opportunity all about?

After reading this article, you will understand what Karatbars opportunity is all about.

Karatbars gives common people an opportunity to:


Exchange Paper Money for Gold Money

And earn by sharing this opportunity with other people.

Karatbars carries:
  • Highest quality 999.9 gold 

  • Gold-backed KCB cryptocurrency

  • Gold-backed KBC cryptocurrency

  • Karatbars gold is LBMA accredited

  • Karatbars gold is issued privately and non-seizable under the current International Bullion Laws

1 gram, 2.5 gram, and 5 gram gold cards


Karatbars small gold bars. Secure as Kaspersky. Beautiful as you on your weekends

0.1 gram, 0.2 gram, 0.4 gram, and 0.6 gram cashgold

What is Karatbars opportunity all about?

1 gram, 3 gram, and 6 gram cashgold cards


A short background on Karatbars

Karatbars International is a German e-commerce company.

It was found in 2011 and is based out of Stuttgart, Germany. 

Karatbars other offices are located in Bangladesh, Romania, Hongkong, Singapore, Dubai, Slovenia, Romania and Spain. More offices are coming in the near future.



Karatbars can beautifully change your life

It only depends on your mindset and if you’re willing to put in effort to improve your life!



The financial problem of the world and how Karatbars is solving it (22 min)


  • In 1971 the US president Richard Nixon took the US dollar off the Gold Standard.

  • The endless printing of fiat (unbacked) currency ever since has weakened the US economy and the rest of the world.


  • Every crisis provides opportunities. This video shows how to get on the right side of the greatest wealth transfer that is coming.




Compensation plan (33 min)

Karatbars pays in 7 different ways — 5 of those are part of your free gold saving account.

*Brian has been with Karatbars since 2013!



Common people like you and me (4 min)

In this video, common people from all over the world are sharing what Harald Seiz (founder of Karatbars) and Karatbars mean to them.



Educate yourself and act

If you want to have a good understanding of what is happening with today’s financial system, watch the 10-episode series called The Hidden Secrets of Money.


  • I believe that the best investment that you’ll ever make in your lifetime is your own financial education.

  • We are entering a period of financial crisis that is the greatest the world has ever known.

  • The wealth transfer that will take place during this decade is the greatest wealth transfer in history.

  • Therefore it’s the greatest opportunity in history and it’s not going to happen again in your lifetime. Are you aware of this? Are you ready and prepared if it happens tomorrow?

Mike Maloney


  • Mike Maloney is a lifelong entrepreneur, financial historian and educator, inventor, and engineer.

  • He is an author of the best selling precious metals investment book of all time: Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver.

Episode 1.

Money vs Currency (26 min)


You can watch 9 other episodes of The Hidden Secrets of Money here.



Join over 730,000 Karatbars affiliates and customers

Start exchanging paper money for gold money now

I’m there 24/7 to assist you



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