1. Amberlee

    What a cool post! I always knew gold was valuable but I had no idea gold was so limited in supply. For some reason, I assumed there was plenty of it (like the diamond mines in Africa.) However, after doing my own research I found that experts estimate that there is only 154,244 tonnes of gold in the world (that is gold above the ground.) And these experts, are like you, recommending we should invest in gold because paper currency does not have the value that it once had.

    • Margarita

      Thank you for your feedback Amberlee!

      Gold IS extremely limited in supply and that is the very reason it is priced so high.

      By the way, diamonds are complicated in terms of value. Ever heard of someone investing in diamonds? I think that’s because they are difficult to process as diamonds are very hard. For example, to make a raw piece of diamond available in small equal-sized pieces complex equipment is required. Also, it is not easy to test whether a piece of diamond is real or not.

  2. Dave

    Very good page Margarita. I agree with you on all five of the reasons you outlined but in addition the global economy is in serious trouble. Currently the US dollar is the standard by which all world currency is based but it may not be that way much longer. The debt the United States is carrying is out of control another reason to stockpile gold.

    • Margarita

      Yes, you are correct Dave. The US dollar and thus the world monetary system is gradually disintegrating. This process has been further quickened by China’s introduction of gold-backed yuan in April of this year.

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