Why save in gold?

Although there are more reasons, look at these 5 main reasons

Why save in gold?

Although paper currency is considered a hard (or physical) asset, saving in any paper currency is not smart. Be it US dollar or Swiss franc. That is because currencies can be printed by central banks in any amount and at any time they feel it is necessary without thinking how much effort you’ve put in to earn them.

For example, a central bank in a given country estimates that to lessen the effect of inflation that a country is currently in, the amount of currency in circulation must be doubled. When a bank does so, the currency you have in your pocket or bank account correspondingly loses half of its value.

Read further to get familiar with reasons as to why gold is a wise choice to save in.


Why save in gold – five strong reasons - Wood

Wood (from which paper is made) is 50% carbon

1. Gold will never lose its value

Gold as a metal will never fail. Meaning, it will never become worthless carrying a price tag of zero.

At least gold did not fail in the past. Whereas all fiat currencies did.

That is because gold is extremely limited in supply and no matter how one badly wants, it cannot be printed with a printing press.

You can imagine the scarcity of gold if you consider the following. On planet Earth, for every 1 atom of gold, there are 50,000 atoms of carbon.

Fiat currencies are made of paper. Which, if you give it a general look, is carbon.

Carbon is the sixth most abundant element in the universe and fourth most abundant element on our planet. Hence, the amount of paper currency that can be printed virtually has no end!


Why-save-in-gold-–-five-strong-reasons-Exchange-rates.jpg2. Gold is a hedge against inflation 

Basically, inflation is when the value of US dollar goes down. Because gold is priced in US dollars, when the dollar partly loses its value, the price of gold naturally goes up.

First of all, physical gold protects individuals from the risk of exchange rate of the dollar going up. In other words, from the risk of being caught getting with less euros (or pounds) for every single dollar you have. Second, not only that, even more euros and pounds can be acquired during a period of weakened US dollar than during a period when the dollar is at its normal state.

In fact, gold’s function as a hedge against inflation has been confirmed by a study done by Capie, Mills and Wood in 2005.


Why save in gold – five strong reasons - Plutonium ring

Weapon-grade plutonium

3. Gold is easy to carry around 

Because of its scarcity, gold, weight-wise, is one of the most expensive materials used by humans today.

A quick estimate to give you a general idea. 1200 grams of gold is roughly $50,000 US dollars. Gold is heavy, so a 1200-gram piece will fit in a woman’s bag. It is like carrying a very good car with you every time you leave your house.

However, don’t fool yourself thinking that gold is the most expensive material out there.  Some materials such as heroin and plutonium make gold’s price fade.

For example, heroin is 3 times more expensive than gold. While plutonium, used as the explosive ingredient in nuclear weapons, is 100 times more expensive.

However, although heroin and plutonium worth a lot and are in demand, they are not easy to carry around. Because, well, heroin is illegal narcotic and plutonium is highly radioactive. You don’t want to spend your life behind bars or get a mutation in your genes, right?


Why save in gold – five strong reasons - Girl from the African tribe

A girl from an African tribe wearing gold

4. Gold is accepted everywhere

Whatever place you go, Paris or a small tribe settlement in Africa, you can be certain that your gold will be taken seriously.

The reason for that is no matter where you go, gold is hard to get, easy to carry around, easy to process and relatively easy to test its authenticity. These qualities make gold a truly universal medium of exchange.


5. Gold is a private matter

Why save in gold – five strong reasons - Privacy

We all want privacy

You can acquire and own gold without anyone knowing it. Because when buying gold you should not be asked for a social insurance/security number, at the very least, banks and other regulatory institutions are not aware of your purchase directly.


Hopefully, now it is clearer why moving some of your earnings into gold is wise.

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Also, watch this summary of 140 years of world monetary history and why it makes saving in gold a wise decision

In this video Mike Maloney gives a summary of 140 years of world monetary history in 10 minutes.

Mike Maloney is a life-long entrepreneur (had his own business at the age of 17), inventor, engineer, financial historian and educator, author of the best selling precious metals investment book of all time, Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver.

I believe that the best investment that you’ll ever make in your lifetime is your own financial education.

Throughout the ages, many things have been used as currency: livestock, grains, spices, shells, beads, and now paper. But only two things have ever been money: gold and silver. When paper money becomes too abundant, and thus loses its value, man always turns back to precious metals. During these times there is always an enormous wealth transfer, and it is within your power to transfer that wealth away from you or toward you.

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