What is the future of cryptocurrency?

What is the future of cryptocurrency?

Q. What is the future of cryptocurrency?

A. I think eventually, even among general public, cryptocurrencies will replace fiat currencies like US dollar, euro, ruble, etc., both cash and digital.

Firstly, this will happen because the world is becoming more and more digitized with every day.

Second, this will happen because cryptocurrencies are more decentralized, the creation of new units is controlled, they are faster, more secure, and in general convenient and safe to transact.

Not everyone would want to adopt money which cannot be seen or held in one’s hands. Today, US dollars and euros still exist in a paper form and you can hold them. However, if live human interactions to a considerable degree were replaced by virtual social networks, then adoption of entirely digital money by general public is possible too.

Of course, physical gold and silver will continue to be valued by people, as they have always been.

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