1. shrey

    Wow this is actually a great idea, I never knew things like this even existed but still this was something that was informative and I really appreciate that you have actually written about it because not many people are aware of this method.
    I really like what you have done in this post and I would really appreciate if you could be more detailed in the post.
    I would love to read more

  2. Darren

    I’m a bit of a fan of gold and I found your article really interesting. It’s intriguing that paper replaced gold as a monetary currency, as gold actually has an inherent value where paper pretty much has none.

    Am I right in assuming that these karat bars increase and decrease in value depending on the market price of gold? It’s got me interested that’s for sure.

    • Margarita

      Darren, thanks for reading! Sadly, today, apart from a few countries, the whole world is functioning on worthless paper notes and digital currency (fiat currency) which cannot go indefinitely. According to economic patterns of the past, sooner or later, there should be a return to the gold-based financial system. If you want to know what exactly is fiat currency, go here.

      Since Karatbars cards are embedded with 24 karat gold bars, yes, their price fluctuates with the gold spot price (on the daily basis).

      If you have any more questions, give me a shout.

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