1. olman claros

    hello Margarita

    great website you have build, great images and great content you have in the website.
    very useful information and interesting topics. I like the colors you integrated into the site
    it makes it look more alive and interactive.
    I like how you set up the subscribe button. I think you are giving ideas .

  2. Darren

    You have very clearly explained the karat system and fineness when it comes to gold and now it makes a lot more sense. I’ve been growing more and more interested in gold of late as it seems like it would be a great investment. I’ve also had the urge to buy myself a metal detector and see if I can go out and find some.

    I really believe gold and other precious metals are the way of the future when it comes to sound investing.

    • Margarita

      I think the chances of finding any gold is much better with a gold pan than a metal detector 😉 If curious, read about gold panning here.

      Having some gold always made and will make sense just because it’s gold, what else there is to say.

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