1. Rob

    Whoa, really cool info. I always heard about how safe and reliable investing in gold was, but I never realized you could buy it in such small denominations. It looks like all these banks are selling them in denominations as small as 1 gram. Do you think any of them are better or safer to deal with? Or is it pretty much the same across all banks?

    • Margarita

      Hello Rob. The two mentioned Swiss banks, UBS and Credit Suisse, have been having an international client base for a long time – their reputation is unquestionable. After all, Switzerland is known specifically for these two banks.

      All other companies listed here are not banks, they are either refineries or they get gold from refineries. To put it simple, they split large chunks of gold into small pieces, put their logo on them and sell them. Karatbars, as far as I am aware, seems to be one of the best (scan through Karatbars sections to find more about it; their gold is even available in 0.1 g denominations and from October of 2016 it will be available in 0.2 g, 0.4 g and 0.6 g denominations)

  2. Rose

    Hey that’s really interesting I never ever really thought to save in gold instead. I guess it’s a solid investment because Gold is always going to be a valuable source. How does it work if you just have gold in your jewelry box, would that be the same worth, or it the way your talking about when it’s been unused a more solid investment.

    Very informative indeed, will have to look more into the company.

    • Margarita

      Thank you Rose for visiting the site.

      It depends how pure gold in your jewelry! As far as I know, gold in most jewelry does not exceed 18 karats because the closer it gets to 24 karats, the softer the gold becomes. You wouldn’t want your earrings to bend, right ? 🙂

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