Updates on what’s going in Karatbars

Many new things and good changes happen in Karatbars these days.

I’ve been getting quite a bit of emails in January from an upline with updates on Karatbars and the criticality of converting some of the fiat currency into gold or gold-backed money (KBC or KCB).

I’ll mention a few things in this post and will continue in the next post.

Webinars – the easiest way to know what’s going

The easiest way to know what’s going in and around Karatbars is to join one of the webinars with Nitsa Nakos and other uplines and ‘gold’ directors. They are held three times per week.

Compensation plan

About changes in compensation plan you can learn by watching the below video.

The compensation plan is quite sophisticated – 7 seven levels deep.

KBC and KCB cryptocurrency (yeah, confusing)

Cryptonized gold…

Imagine being in Bitcoin from the start… from 46 cents¬† to today. These two are even better because KBC and KCB cryptocurrencies are backed up by gold. Personal cell phones, cryptobank accounts, you own blockchain, karatcoinbank ATMs. Find more about KB ecosystem here (as well as its timeline)

Make your business Karatbars-friendly

Do you know that you can make your concrete-and-mortar (or online) business Karatbars-compatible? In other words, make it so that your customers can pay in gold, KBC or KCB cryprocurrencies.

150 euros + right attitude is all you need to start earning immediate income

Remember, for as little as 150 euros you can start earning immediate income from personal referrals. To start off,  I suggest you register for a free affiliate account first.

At this time, you can get rewarded for spreading word about Karatbars in over 130 countries! I mean in a total of 130 countries in the world when you tell people how they can save gold and get paid for that, you earn an income (which happens to be residual as well).

Karatbars recently opened in Columbia, India, Dominica.



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