Until Friday (Nov 30) you can buy KCB tokens at 60% discount + get 120% bonus on top!

Until Friday (Nov 30) you can buy KCB tokens at 60% discount PLUS get 120% bonus on topSome would say the KCB coin (Karatcoin Bank Coin) is the safest in the world. History will tell. What is certain, however, is that it is the best designed and secured of its kind.

Until Friday you can buy KCB tokens at 60% discount PLUS enjoy 120% Early Bird Bonus – on top!

from  €  150  up to  €1,499  30% discount
from  €1,500  up to  €4,499  40% discount
from  €4,500  up to  €7,999  50% discount
from  €8,000  up to  €~  60% discount

Example: When you buy coins worth of €1,000 you will get 30% discount PLUS 120% early bird bonus.

(Currently, the price of KCB is 0.14 euros per token).

How to buy KCB Tokens

1. Go to https://karatgold.sg/ and log in with your Karatbars login and password

2. Then on the left bottom corner click on ‘BUY KCB TOKENS Up at 60% discount’

3. In the ‘Fixed amount’ tab put how much you want to spend (your amount will be in euros)

4. Then click on ‘Checkout’ and proceed from there

To buy KCB tokens, you need a Karatbars account

You will need to register for a Karatbars account (but you can get tokens with a free account).

To register for your free affiliate account, go here. Keep in mind that before you can buy tokens your account registration document must be approved. This takes a few business days, so plan ahead.

More on KCB coin

The KCB is a next-level ERC20 ethereum-based cryptocurrency, newly issued by Karatcoin Bank, Miami.

As of August 1st 2018, KCB fulfills two fundamental tasks:

  1. Performing the core services of the first fully licensed crypto bank
  2. And serving as the backbone of KaratGold’s global payment and banking system

Please understand that the KCB can only be exchanged for Cashgold until further notice.

Join the coin and be one of the first to benefit from the tremendous potential of the Karatgold Ecosystem!



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