1. Simon

    This was so refreshing and straight to the point!

    Kudos for speaking out, as many people fear to spread the word about how our lives are nothing but struggle for a slice of bread.

    I’m trying to be as financially free as possible and will soon abandon my 9 to 5 in order to focus on more sensible ways to make a living.

    Totally agree with you about the ‘bread and entertainment’ part. The elite holds a firm grip on humanity, all as a result of the original sin in the garden of Eden. Satan is behind all evil today (including the illuminati) and our only hope for salvation is through Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior.

    Thanks again for the great post, God bless ya!

    • Margarita

      Hi Simon,

      Agree, that’s all because of that apple. From a human perspective, it’s kind of unfair. It’s like being held responsible for your grandmother’s deeds when she was young. However, the judgment of Almighty is beyond our understanding.

      Congrats on being able to stray away from your regular job! 

      Wish you luck.

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