The Reduction Plan explained pdf, disable 2FA, IPO vouchers

Here a couple things to assist you with the Reduction Plan and the like.


The Reduction Plan explained

You can find a detailed explanation of the Reduction Plan in your Karatbit Dashboard.

To save yourself time, you can just access the Reduction Plan document here.


Is it necessary to convert IPO (KCB) vouchers to the KBC Reduction plan?

You can leave the vouchers as they are.

The vouchers will go towards the Gold Standard Bank IPO when the time comes (as originally meant to).

Or you can transfer the vouchers into the Reduction Plan.

That’s your choice!

Personally, I just kept the vouchers as they are. This way not all eggs are in one basket ? (basket being KBC).


How to disable / deactivate 2FA in Karatbit?

Ask Karatbit to deactivate 2FA for you.

This will require the following 3 things from you:

1. Copy of your ID card (a secondary identification document can be required)

2. A selfie with you holding your ID card

3. Your Skype Username (if you don’t own a Skype account, please create one).

Above measures may sound a bit too much, however that’s for your security. Karatbit staff needs to make sure that you are a real owner of the account.

Attention: The minute your 2FA is deactivated, your account becomes vulnerable. So you want to reactivate 2FA as soon as you can (see below).

To disable 2FA in Karatbit, send the above 3 things to

(To disable 2FA in Karatbars, send the above 3 things to


After your 2FA deactivated, follow the steps below

1. Once 2FA is deactivated you will be able to log in into your account without having to enter 2FA code.

2. After you log in, while staying on the same page, scroll down and click on the link in“You are not allowed to place orders. Please activate your 2FA” message.

3. You will be taken to a page with directions how to reactivate your 2FA. To do it, you can also follow this tutorial.



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