1. basil

    This Sounds interesting karatbars is filled with new Innovation, but the ordinary people cannot cope with the Speer, they are confused with this

    • Margarita

      Hi Basil,

      It seems complicated, yes, yet if you go through the GoldMiner system a couple times, it becomes clear.

      We will be having the GoldMiner for months by the looks of it, so people will have time to digest and understand this.

      The great thing, is the GoldMiner rewards generously you for building a team.

      So, this will motivate people who think they are not team-builders to rise above their limiting beliefs and fears, and realize that they, in fact, CAN build an income-generating team. If they make the choice.

      It’s all in our mind.

      We create our reality with our mind.

      The outside world can only influence us, but we make the choice whether to accept something as true or not.

      We and we only set limits for ourselves whether we can do or learn something.

      Whether we think we can or we think we can’t, either way we are right. Because the evidence will validate that down the road!

  2. Michela

    Hello Margarita, first of all I want to thank you for all the information you provide, you are really very precise and detailed, thanks!
    I am an Italian affiliate, not from your group, unfortunately, perhaps I would have seen this project differently if some of our “so-called leaders” had at least committed to providing us with the basic information that, as you can see, I am forced to look elsewhere. I would just like to ask you if you are aware of how “Goldminer” is activated since still today February 3, 2020 at 09.43 am still nothing on KaratBit. Thanks again for your information which I follow with great interest.
    Best wishes, Michela

    • Margarita

      Hi Michela,

      Thank you so much. I’m very happy that you like the content I create 😉

      Yes, I hear you, I’m in somewhat similar boat.

      In addition to my newsletter, on Mondays, I’d suggest you also join the huddle calls at 9 pm EST to stay updated on what’s going in Karatbars. I find them very useful.

      The GoldMiner activation button is still not there… Let’s wait. Karatbars sometimes is behind their timeline. Should be there soon 🙂

      Have a wonderful day!!

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