How to register for Karatbars (tutorial with screenshots)

This tutorial explains how to register for Karatbars International. It’s so detailed that even a child can follow it!


How to register for Karatbars

1. Before you can begin registration with Karatbars, you need to have a Karatbars registration (referral) link.

    • Use this link. (Or if somebody else introduced you to Karatbars get back to them and ask for their referral link).

2. Upon following a registration link, first, you will need to complete a security check (see Screenshot #1 below).

    • Karatbars website uses Cloudflare security feature to prevent online attacks and data leakage on the website.

3. Simply check “I’m not a robot” reCAPTCHA box. Then carefully select the required images and click “Verify”. You may be asked to check “I’m not a robot” box again.


How to register for Karatbars step-by-step

Screenshot #1


4. Finally, once you are on the registration form, you are presented with two options. Namely, “Become an affiliate” or “Become a customer” (see Screenshot #2 below). 

    • If you want to make money with Karatbars, select “Become an affiliate”

    • If you just want to buy gold and gold-backed cryptocurrency,   select “Become a customer”

Screenshot #2


5. In Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 and Step 4, fill out all the required information and check all the required boxes (see Screenshot #3 below)


How to register for Karatbars step-by-step

Screenshot #3


6. Once you are done with all the steps, Karatbars will send you an email.

    • Click on the link in that email to confirm your email address.

7. After confirming you will be taken back to Click on “Login” in the top right. Enter your username, password and check reCAPTCHA box.

    • After that, if you registered as a customer you will be taken to your dashboard (see Screenshot #4 below)

      • Note: If you changed your mind and now want to be an affiliate, just click “Become an affiliate” on the left.

    • If you registered as an affiliate you will be taken to the expanded dashboard (see Screenshot #6 below)

      • Note: Before you can use your dashboard you will need to agree to “Affiliate Terms & Conditions” (see Screenshot #5 below).

      • For that you will need to download this document. To download it, simply click on the ‘down arrow’ symbol on the document. Then click “Save File”, then click “OK”.

Karatbars International registration form and how to register with Karatbars

Screenshot #4


How to register for Karatbars step-by-step

Screenshot #5


How to register for Karatbars step-by-step

Screenshot #6


One last step — Upload KYC documents:

8. Whether you registered as a customer or affiliate, you will need to upload KYC documents to complete registration (see Screenshot #7 below). Note: It takes about 24 hours to approve your documents.

    • The 1st document should be a proof of ID. It should be a valid government-issued ID with a matching name, a clear picture in color, and the date of birth.

      • Examples are: passport, driver’s license or any other government ID

    • The 2nd document should be a proof of your address. It should clearly reflect your name, address, and date. It should not be older than 6 months.

      • Examples are: gas bill, phone bill or bank statement. Note: Envelopes, screenshots or online bills cannot be accepted.

Note: A new rule came into effect on Aug 29, 2019. You must provide a picture of you holding the above two IDs. This extra step was done to create an additional layer of security for affiliate accounts. Make sure your IDs are readable!

9. Once your KYC documents are uploaded and approved, your registration is done and you are ready to go!


If you are an affiliate, after registration, you will want to complete 4 additional steps to start making money with Karatbars.


How to register for Karatbars step-by-step

Screenshot #7

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