1. thebrother

    Hi Margarita,

    It is always nice to hear what Bankers and other rich or as you so nicely put it, highly successful people, have to say about gold. I especially liked what the one guy had to say about debt being for slaves.

    “Funny.” But true. GOLD is a very tricky commodity as there are so many tricky regulations and there is only so much on the planet. Do you think that is why it holds its value? It can be very deadly also. I think you handled the quotes well. The subject matter is touchy. Using Karl Marx as a highly successful person does not sit well in the USA.

    • Margarita

      Thank you for your comment. Gold holds value because its supply is limited. There are many regulations surrounding gold because governments don’t want people to own gold.

      I think Karl Marx’s success lies in the amount of change that he brought. Whether that change is good or bad, it is a whole different question.

  2. Simon

    Hi Margarita,
    I have to agree that Gold is the ultimate form of payment in the world. Gold bulls unfortunately love uncertainty in the market.
    Whenever there are rumours of future troubles in the world the price rockets as there is only so much gold, then it’s a supply and demand scenario.
    It’s been fascinating to read the strong feelings of what some of the successful people say regarding this precious metal.
    Thanks for your article.

  3. Jim

    Thanks for an interesting and thought provoking post Margarita.

    Gold is the ultimate symbol/manifestation of true financial wealth I think. I found the quotations to be very interesting. Karl Marx was an interesting choice, and I wasn’t aware of this quotation. Of the people you quoted, I think Ayn Rand’s was the one that hit home best for me – which was surprising as I’m not a huge Ayn Rand fan.

    • Margarita

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jim.

      It’s sure is, especially on a long-term scale like 15-20 years. Glad you found the post worthwhile!

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