1. Orlando

    What are the advantages of doing hard fork? It seems to me that there is now more KBC and more gold is needed to back them up.

    • Margarita

      Hey Orlando,

      Maybe, I’m not sure.

      What I heard, is one of the reasons for a hard fork is to eliminate confusion around two very-similar sounding coins: KBC and KCB.

      This way there is only one gold-backed coin.

      That’s one of the reasons; there are probably more.

      Thank you for sharing your opinion 🙂

  2. Mamosalla Ramosalla

    hellow, i can see my KCB coins are there in the karatbit platform, and i now see Deposit, Withdrawal and explore options, which one do i use to change my KCB to KBC?

    • Margarita

      Hi Eric,

      Given the below features of KBC vs Bitcoin, the chances that KCB reaches $1 per coin and beyond are VERY likely.
      Yet, when it will happen exactly, nobody knows.

      In my opinion, KBC price is mostly determined by its demand (people investing in it) and economic instability (the more economy is unstable, the higher the price since it is backed by gold; gold is a hedge against recession/economic turbulences).

      -Limited in supply
      -Backed by gold (a valuable ‘hard’ asset)
      -Overall, not subject to volatility since backed by a valuable ‘hard’ asset – gold

      -Limited in supply
      -Not backed by anything
      -Subject to volatility sine not backed by any valuable asset (at least at this very moment and not officially)


  3. McKenzie Botts

    Has the merger already happened? Are we no longer using KBC coin, because it has drop below .004 cents based on today’s market. I’ve never seen the coin this low…

    Secondly if you vault your coins at the 100 coins to 1 gram of gold after the one year are you allowed to access that vault have your gold shipped?

    • Margarita


      The merger will be continuing for another 5 months.

      Please scroll down to ‘Why KBC price is so low these days? And how to bring it up’ section here.

      I’d suggest you read the whole post or watch the video, you will understand more about the hard fork and the KBC price.


      You can have your gold shipped at any time (you are responsible for shipping/handling fees).

      To request shipping, in your Karatbars backoffice under ‘Gold’ go to ‘Delivery Request’.

      I don’t understand you mentioning 100 coins to 1 gram of gold… Gold for this past promo you get via CEM machine using QR codes you generated on Karatbit or by going to Stuttgart.

      Or you meant something else?

      Have a fabulous Sunday!

  4. McKenzie Botts

    On Karatbit you were able to exchange 100 kbc for 1 gram of gold (BUNV) and you could vault them, I know people that vaulted there coins. My question is when you vault them do they go into your gold vault. Once they are in there you gain intrest on your gold, correct? How do you access the gold once it’s in there?

    • Margarita

      Hi McKenzie,

      I apologize for a delay.

      No, you don’t gain interest if you store gold in Karatbars vaults. Read more about Karatabars vaults here.

      If you want your gold to be shipped to your home: In your Karatbars backoffice under ‘Gold’ just go to ‘Delivery Request’.

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