Never heard of Karatbars? Here is a 2-min read (you may be glad you did)

Never heard of Karatbars? Here is a 2-min read (you will be glad you did)

The founder of Karatbars, Harald Seiz, is second from the right.

Today I’m writing a short overview for those who are not yet familiar with Karatbars.


The company

Karatbars is a 8-year old gold e-commerce company.

It’s a German company with main headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany.

Karatbars is also a networking marketing company (not a multi-level marketing company).

Its primary products are gold in small denominations and 2 cryptocurrencies backed by gold (KBC and KCB).

In Karatbars you can get either a customer or affiliate account.

Customers accounts are free. And there are two types of affiliate accounts – free and paid.


How to make money with Karatbars

How do you make money with Karatbars?

There are 7 ways you can get compensated in Karatbars in 2019.

You can get paid in euros, gold and free products. (Yes, you CAN earn money with a free customer or free affiliate account, you just need to sponsor more people).

Brian McGinty, a gold director elite, does an awesome job at clearly explaining the 2019 Compensation Plan, so I’m leaving this up to him.

The Compensation Plan may sound complicated at first, but don’t worry! It’s because there are many ways you can earn money and the company is growing rapidly (now active in over 140 countries). Just go through the plan a couple times ?

You can download the Compensation brochure Brian goes through here.



Karatbars dashboardWhere to start

Two options:

1. You can open your free account right this moment, and learn about Karatbars inside your backoffice.

The dashboard in the backoffice is well organized and your affiliate links and landing pages are ready to be used right away to sponsor people.

(How much you earn all comes down to how many people you know or find who want to do the same as you.

Precisely, they want to save in gold and invest in gold-backed cryptocurrencies. They also want to earn money for spreading word about Karatbars so that more people can enjoy financial freedom no matter how bad the economies get around the world).

2. Or you can go here to learn even more about Karatbars.


*If you have any sort of questions or comments regarding Karatbars or anythings else, just email me at

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