Mr. Robert Kiyosaki, what is the simplest investment advice you can give me?

Invest in assets, not liabilities!

Assets are gold, silver, real estate, land.

I’d add, also invest in financial education that’s coming from independent financial educators like Mike Maloney (scroll down to see his educational video), Peter Schiff, and others.

Assets is anything that puts money into your pocket. MAKE IT A PART OF YOUR MINDSET TO LOVE ASSETS 🙂

Liabilities are houses, mansions, super and regular cars, the last iPhones, boats, extra TVs, and other ‘toys’. In short, anything that you can live without comfortably.

Liabilities is anything that takes money from your pocket. MAKE IT PART OF YOUR MINDSET TO SPEND LESS ON LIABILITIES.

90% of people think that houses and cars are assets but really they are liabilities.

Not yet saving in gold? Start exchanging your paper money for gold money now.

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