Latest news on Karatbars International: March 8, 2020

Latest news on Karatbars International: March 8, 2020
Here are latest news on Karatbars International – up to March 8, 2020.

Have you watched the huddle call last Monday?

If not, below I summarize the key points.

Why watch the call? 

You want to feel the energy of the successful folks. It’s the energy of mentors, teachers, coaches that virtually pulls you towards success!

So, to achieve success faster, attend the call this coming Monday (March 9) at 9 pm EST here. Put it in your calendar!



1. For everyone’s safety the Dallas event is going to take place online.

If you want to turbo charge the growth of your team and business, be there! 

Be there on March 14 at 11 am – 5 pm EST on (See screenshot above)


2. We, as Karatbars community, is community of savers.

Remember to save in gold and cryptocurrency on the regular basis – every month or week.

Saving is especially crucial in the economy we see these days. “Buy and hold! Buy and hold!” as Nitsa Nakus says.


3. Tweeting on Twitter is already bringing results!

To spread the word about Karatbars in true light and help the price of KBC tweet something every day! Include #Karatbars and $KBC in your posts.


4. Every 43 seconds somebody’s phone or laptop gets hacked.

If you want your device to be different read this.


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