Last Day: Centropix Products For $500 Less

Reminder, today is last day to purchase one of

KLOUD Complete Packages for $500 less.

Watch this 2-min video reminder I recorded.

If you are in a rush, read below to refresh your memory.

The three KLOUD packages at $500 off:

1. KLOUD Complete System

Includes KLOUD Maxi, KLOUD Mini

  • Original Price: $5490
  • Sale Price: $4990

2. KLOUD Complete System & VET SET
Includes KLOUD Maxi, KLOUD Mini, VET SET

  • Original Price: $6090
  • Sale Price: $5590

3. The Pro Pack Special.

  • Original Price: $9490
  • Sale Price: $8990

When you invest in KLOUD, COCOON and BUBBLE:

You’re investing in your health.

And when you’re investing in your health:

You invest in your future and your dreams.

You probably felt it when you’re sick:

A healthy person has a myriad of dreams.

But when we are sick, we got only one wish:

That wish or desire or dream is to get better.

Time is running out.

Choose your KLOUD package and make a purchase.

*Marked Incentive

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