1. Barry Rossey

    So are we to assume that after the Hard Fork our NEW coin wil be valued at .15 cents US?
    Will the number of coins held entitle me to the exchange of 75 coins to 11 gram of gold?
    1 million coins with a value of 0 is still 0 where I come from. What happened to my KCB coin being a bank coin sharing in all the Karatbars future profits etc.
    5 years with Karatbars and I’m confused!

    • Margarita

      Hi Barry,

      Today 1 KBC is $0.015775 USD.
      All KCB converted to KBC will be valued at the price of KBC (which is today ~ $0.02 USD)

      I can’t answer your questions today as I don’t know what exactly will happen in the future.
      Let’s see how the future unfolds and ride the wave with expectation of great things!

      I’ll be talking about what you have asked along, so subscribe to my newsletter (on the right).

      Smile and think positively and you will experience great things in Karatbars 🙂

  2. josef

    Hey guys again.
    Does somebody has info maybe of the kbc to cashgold change proccess? It was told on dec 15, that the new promotion will start at 15th january.

  3. josef

    Hey again!
    Does somebody has maybe info from the kbc to cashgold change?
    It was told on 15th December that the new promotion will start on 15th January, but i dont find any news about this.

    • Margarita

      Hi Josef,

      I see there is a new KBC to CashGold promotion in the ‘Latest News’ section. Check it out!

      I’ll soon a publish a post on this (subscribe to the newsletter to get it to your inbox; on the right).

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