1. Anonymous

    Hi Margarita

    I just came to say thank you for your informative information.. Someone like me as a newbie needs lots of guidance & support to get this right, I must admit that I wish there was an easier way to do the payments of all the methods especially if you not techno savvy, I’m learning though but it’s tough.. you however have done a great job in teaching me & kept me informed of what to do.. I need to learn more how the exchanges works aswell if I want to be a full time affiliate.

    Kind regards

    Cicily JVermeulen

    • Margarita

      Hi Cicily,

      Thank you so much 🙂

      Exchanges seem tough because we are not used to deal with them in our everyday life.

      But like everything, as you learn them, they eventually become second nature.


      If you want to learn more about Karatbit exchange, there are ‘live’ webinars every Thursday! So, there is one happening today!

      These webinars are held by knowledgeable Karatbars affiliates.

      The webinar is called ‘KARATBIT UPDATES’ and take places 8:00pm – 9:00pm EST, again every Thursday.

      Simply select ‘KARATBIT UPDATES 8:00pm – 9:00pm’ in Karatbars Calendar here (highlighted in black) and attend it at 8 pm EST today 🙂

      Please note, you will need to download Zoom to attend the webinar.


      And yes, continue to go through the tutorials and articles that I post. And when you have questions, just let me know, and we’ll resolve whatever is on the way.

      Payments methods.. Do you have any specific questions about payments methods?

      Much success and fulfillment to you 🙂

      • Hi Margarita it’s Mario affiliate with Karatbars I have a question kindly to ask: on 19 Dec 2019 the official exchange rate = 2,54 for 1 KBC .

        What is this mean is it the KCB we bought doubled or it has another meaning what happens to our coin is it increasing or decreasing.

        Please I need your help to make me understand what is going on are we benefiting or losing so far comparing with that we bought in the beginning ??//

        • Margarita

          Hi Mario,

          Sure 🙂

          It’s the opposite: 2.54 KBC for 1 KCB.

          Are we benefiting or losing? Let’s see:


          Let’s assume you have 100,000 KCB coins.

          Then, in total, you will get 254,000‬ KBC coins when exchanging them on Karatbit (100,000 x 2.54).

          You paid $0.15 per KCB, so you invested $15,000‬.

          At this very moment 1 KBC is $0.024278.

          So, the value of your coins if you were to exchange and withdraw them today is 254,000‬ KBC x $0.024278 = $6,166.612‬.

          In other words, today, the value of your coins ($6,166.612‬) is about 2 times less than your original investment ($15,000‬).

          Yes, the price of KBC is low at the moment, so that’s why you wouldn’t be wanting to withdraw KBC for now.

          However, until the price of KBC increases considerably for you to make a profit, remember, you can exchange KBC for cashgold!

          Before December 15, 100 KBC was worth 1 gram of cashgold. A new KBC – cashgold rate will be announced in early January.


          Let’s assume you were to exchange those 254,000‬ KBC for cashgold at the rate of 100 KBC = 1 gram of gold.

          254,000‬ KBC / 100 KBC = 2540

          2540 x $47 (the cash you get… approximately) = $119,380‬

          $119,380‬ vs $15,000‬. That’s 8 times return on your investment!


          The bottom line is, withdraw your KBC only if the price is high enough for you to make a profit. Or exchange KBC for cashgold.

          This should help 🙂 Let me know if there is anything else:)

  2. Roanis Deivy Almanza Díaz

    I think I remember that only VIP status could change KBC to Bonus Unival (BUNV) and then generate the QR code, my question is. Can those with a lower status, say bronze, can change it the same for BUNV ?, or only for UNV

  3. hello margarita! I guess you are doing well .
    Margarita the reason I’m here is about my 2FA deactivation I had sent every request to the support but in until now ,there is no a respond while the 13th is the deadline sister , may I going to lose because even the support’s number its always busy never pick up , so painful

    • Margarita

      Hi Cedrick,

      I’m fantastic – thank you so much!

      Karatbars/Karatbit support should improve in the coming future.

      I just created a tutorial on how to recover 2FA (watch the video provided there)!

      In any case, you won’t lose anything and will be able to do with the coins whatever you planned, be assured 🙂

      Let me know how this goes for you.

      • Hello Margarita
        Sure I got the tutorials so, my needs to be deactivated and I had sent ( copy of ID , selfie with ID holding and my Skype surname ) everything they request since on the 7th but nothing as a feedback , even sometimes I’m trying to phone but phone ☎️ all rings busy the same as today.. why sister ?

        Cedrick mwamba

        January 13, 2020 at 10:53 am

        CryptDad , does not work in Karatbit I tried .

        • Margarita

          Hi Cedrick,

          Okay, yes, you did your part.

          Karatbars is not answering because they need to improve the customer support system…

          I’m attempting to see how to use the backup code to recover 2FA given that the CryptoDad video doesn’t work.

          You have a 32-character backup code, correct?

          This deadline may be extended again given that many people have trouble with 2FA.

          I’ll be back to you.

          All will be wonderful 🙂

  4. Hello Margarita
    Thx a lot for your kindness .

    1) You asked me if I got my 32-character backup code, correct?

    (Yes but when I tried to log in which its karatbit could not recognize its at all )

    Hope it going to be extended again because the option people don’t talk about ( dislike )

    • Margarita

      You are welcome Cedrick 🙂

      Yes, when I figure out how do recover 2FA with this 32-character backup code I’ll publish a post on this, so stay tuned.

      All good, let’s see the deadline extended again!

        • Margarita

          Hi Cedrick,

          The customer support structure and organization are poor… yet they are working on improving it.

          I called once inquiring about Karatbars Mastercard and it went perfect; all was resolved within minutes (it’s a different number).

          I’ll see if I can get a hold of anyone calling the above numbers.

          Also, I’m sending an email asking about a deadline extension 🙂

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