• Margarita

      Hi Christo,

      What do you want to invest in? KCB or KCB Cryptocurrency?

      If you want to invest in gold-backed KCB: Read about and buy KCB here. Remember, you can buy KCB only until December 15, 2019.

      If you want to invest in gold-backed KBC. Read about and buy KBC here. KBC is public, so you can buy the coin on exchanges.

      Now, what happens on December 15, 2019?

      On December 15, KBC and KCB will be merged to become one single coin — Gold Standard Coin (non-official name).

      Before you buy KBC or KCB, I’d highly suggest you watch a specially-designed webinar to learn how Karatbars helps you build and preserve your wealth.

      It’s about 30 min and you can watch it at any time of the day.

      To register for the webinar:

      1. Go to http://www.goldstandardwebinar.com

      2. Choose your language — English or Spanish

      3. Then fill out the ‘Webinar Registration’ form on the right and you will be re-directed to the webinar.

      4. In ‘Choose a Date To Attend’ select ‘Right Now’

      5. In ‘Member or Guest?’ field choose ‘Guest’.

      Let me know if you need a hand with anything 🙂

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