Who and what is Karatbars International? For brand new people


Virtual Gold Reception Zoom sessions are there for newbies who want to know what Karatbars is all about (and how they can save in gold and earn).

So, you as a sponsor, simply send a person who is interested a link to one of these live VGRs.

See how to get people interested here (Do the ‘Invitation’ step first).

  • Luckily for everyone, now there are 4 live VGRs every day!

    • So, everyone will find a time that works for their timezone.

  • The sessions are held by affiliates who have been there – Gold Director Elites.

  • The sessions are held through Zoom, so Internet is the only thing people need to attend the webinars.


Live VGR Schedule for newbies

See the schedule below.

Note, the times shown are EST (Easter Standard Time).


Something unclear? Let me know below ?