Karatbars Updates: December 2020

A reminder to migrate all KBC into GSTrade exchange. 

The deadline date is December 15.

Please see the process of migrating to GSTrade here (the directions are on the pop-up)

And a couple recent questions:


I have KYC problems…
A valid municipal bill doesn’t get approved…
I’d rather have my money back…
I understand…. it all may seem overwhelming.. been there..
…How about phone bill? They accept it too.
And any other bill would do (as long as it carries your address).
Yeah, in Canada, for example, they DO put the FULL addresses on bills…
I’d be happy to see people getting their money back… yet, as you can imagine, it probably won’t happen….
All ‘bad’ things precede GREAT things, so let’s start celebrating now…  🙂
Nothing is a failure. We either win or learn something.
I have come to see more and more that we should indeed put out trust in God (subconscious mind), not outside world or people.
With persistence, we can create anything with our subconscious mind. Start with this book: https://youtu.be/27aIHAMbzQA


In Karatbars office, how to change my address? And how much are gold delivery costs?


To change your address, check “My Profile” in your Karatbars backoffice, you should be able to do it there.

Regarding delivery charges, initiate a delivery order, and depending on your location, you will be able to see it calculated.



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