Karatbars update Dec 25, 2021

On December 4th Harald Seiz sent an email to all customers and affiliates.

Did you receive and have you read it?

If you didn’t receive it or haven’t read it – I am copying it below for you.

If you want your gold delivered or have commissions that are past due or anything else, please read it.


Basically, what Harald Seiz says in the letter

That 2021 was a year of re-organization and powerfully standing ground from dishonest individuals and organizations trying to dishonour Karatbars.

If you want your gold delivered or have outstanding commissions, please register on the V999 platform as soon as possible.

*Please use only the email address you used for Karatbars.

Deals with Karatbars’ current standing inΒ  financial and commodity markets.
Find it in the letter below please.


Dear ladies and gentlemen,
Dear business partners
Dear friends,

The exciting year 2021 is coming to an end. I wish you and your loved ones a blessed Christmas season and every success for 2022.
The last 12 months were marked by reorganization and securing your values. You were able to follow how state authorities and media descended on Karatbars and tried to destroy everything that had been built in a decade.
When I realized that neither courts nor “official” institutions could provide protection, and if they did, these procedures would take at least five years, new, unassailable solutions had to be found.

With the help of a strong team, international contacts and tireless work, we are now able to offer a solution that conclusively resolves not only outstanding gold shipments, but also the issue of outstanding commissions.
Through strong partnerships of regulated companies and worldwide connections, we have direct access to financial and commodity markets. This will put us back among the top performing companies as early as the New Year.
Now all that’s left is for you to do your homework:
If you expect Karatbars to deliver gold or have commission requirements, please register on the V999 platform immediately.

Please use only the email address you used at Karatbars. This will allow us to quickly and easily not only make an inventory determination, but also guarantee that assets will be secured in a timely manner.
Of course, you will also take into account that an audit of your claims must be carried out by an external, independent auditing company. This will be done quickly, straightforwardly, and competently.
Your assets will be included in the international listing after the audit. You can then decide whether your values should be converted into bitcoin, Ethereum, euros, dollars or another currency.
Of course, you can also continue to trade your gold option in gold. Should you wish to have the physical gold delivered, we will of course provide this within the scope of the law.

I am convinced that this solution is perfect for everyone. By taking into account international requirements and regulations, but also by completely reorganizing, we were able to find ways that are safe today in a constantly changing financial scene, even in the future.
Of course, we could have provided more comprehensive information. We did not want to do that, if only for security reasons and because of the ongoing proceedings against individuals and companies who thought they could defraud Karatbars. This fight continues.
But now we have found a solution for you. That is all that matters at the moment.

Harald Seiz

P.S. Do not hesitate to register today at https://v999.gold!



Only 6 days left until 2022 πŸ™‚

Much much more wealth to you in 2022. Should be a quantum jump for many.


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