1. robert Lawrence


    This is really cool. I’ve been reading a lot lately about investing in gold rather than in stocks and bonds just because of the reliability.

    It really does interest me and I know it’s only a matter of time before I take the plunge and actually buy some.

    I’m really new to this so I have a couple newbie questions for you.

    If I bought a karatbars card would they ship it to me in the mail? That seems risky.

    Also, do people collect large amounts of these cards? If so, do most people keep them in a safety deposit box in a bank or would you recommend keeping them in a safe in the home?


    • Margarita

      Hi Robert,

      Karatbars uses FedEx to ship gold cards and gold cash notes to customers.

      It depends on you, how many of these cards you want to have. You can also store your gold in Karatbars vaults.

      The whole reason behind acquiring gold is to get yourself out of the banking system, so yes, at home in safe.

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