Karatbars review

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Below is my personal Karatbars review as an affiliate of this company:

Karatbars_Logo (reviews)2 (2)  Perfection is something  always to strive towards, so in my point of view it is a direction not a destination. Given that, from the experience that I had so far with Karatbars as an affiliate, it is a very good company but it has some room for improvement.


Karatbars pros

Quality product. It is 24 karat gold for real. I took 1 gram Karatbars Gold Card to a jeweler in town who used a karat meter to test gold purity.

Huge marketing potential. LBMA pure gold in small denominations is a product that virtually nobody has (only 2% of people in the world own gold) but everyone wants and needs although they might not realize this. Moreover, almost everyone can afford gold in small quantities.

Very good compensation. Package commissions (one-time income) and cycle bonus commissions (residual income) are lucrative.

Superb training and support. There are many websites offering diverse training resources, tools and materials for successful marketing of Karatbars gold opportunity. Although Karatabars is not involved in marketing of its own products, a few a months ago the company suddenly released a platform called Karatbars Academy. It is a handy system to help affiliates manage and acquire new customers and partners. In addition, my sponsor, people in my team and even not in my team are very helpful. The latter, of course, will vary among individuals.


Karatbars cons

Karatbars affiliate business is not for everyone as claimed. To achieve success in Karatbars, an individual must either have friends/relatives/business colleagues/acquaintances who also want to save in gold or they must be willing to talk to strangers about this business.

Website requires more work. The Karatbars website needs editing in terms of grammar, content and formatting. Its sloppiness is probably due to the automatic translation to English (currently the website is functional in 15 languages) but nevertheless.