KaratBars opens Gold Standard Bank in Frankfurt

This is pretty huge: Karatbars opens Gold Standard Bank in Frankfurt.

You can jump right to 5.37, where Harald Seiz starts to talk about it: “We need a second bank…”

And watch this video to hear about the opportunities in 2019 (presented at the opening of the Gold Standard Bank)

Basically, by acquiring cashgold, and then exchanging it to KCB or KBC cryptocurrency you can be rewarded on the entire Karatbars ecosystem.

There is still time to buy coins at a VERY GOOD DEAL

By the way, you can still get KBC tokens at least at 30% off plus get 120% early bird bonus on top.

The current price of KBC is 14 cents.

You need to register for Karatbars account (but you can buy KBC tokens with a free account).

To register for your free affiliate account, go here. Keep in mind that before you can buy tokens your account registration document must be approved. This takes takes a few business days, so plan ahead.

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