Karatbars Open Its Own Exchange – Karatbit!

Karatbars Open Its Own Exchange - Karatbit!

November 7/2018 update: The Karatbars exchange is functional! Check it out here.

Later in a day KaratBit Exchange – an exchange created and owned by Karatbars – should start functioning! The url is www.karatbit.com. (I just checked and it’s still under maintenance).

Simply go to www.karatbit.com and login with your Karatbars login information whenever it is up and running.

You can transfer CashGold (using KaratPay app), Karatbars cryptocurrency (KBC and KCB coins), Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.


To celebrate the opening, Karatbars runs a Special Promotion these first few days.
You can get $500 USD FOR FREE in KCB coins.
If you maintain a minimum balance of $500 USD in GashGold, KBC or KCB  by November 2, 2018 noon CET, Karatbars will give a gift you in KCB coins in the value of $500 USD on November 3, 2018.
Anyone who would like to participate in this promotion and have Cashgold, please note that you simply load your Cashgold via the www.karatbit.com back office after login.

For more information about the exchange and special promotion, go here.

Also, another webinar with Zoltan and Robin is coming up this Sunday.Date: Sunday November 4

Webinar with Zoltan & Robin Costelloe this Sunday, November 4

Time: 7PM Calgary time
6PM PST Vancouver time

Link: Simply click on the link below.
You can also copy and forward the link to your team as well as others you would like to invite.

To join Webinar Please Click Here

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