• Margarita

      Hi Lauricia,

      To receive commissions (have balances more than zero) start bringing people into your team!

      To bring new people in follow this affiliate training.

      You don’t have to bring a lot of people, actually.

      You can bring just 5 people into your team.

      And always remember to tell everyone to save 1 gram of gold per week or month (to preserve the purchasing power of their money). Read about a gold savings account here.

      Then help those 5 people bring their 5 people.

      And then help those 25 people bring their people and so on.

      Of course the above won’t be perfect in real life.

      Yet, if you do follow the above simple formula continuously, eventually, you will end up with a big constantly-growing team that generates you a residual income 🙂

      A winning attitude and persistence are a secret to success here!

  1. Orlando

    Thanks Margarita.The previous summary is very good.But I do not understand why I need to send my KBC to Karatbit. Karatbit is not a wallet.

  2. Robert B

    Hello M,
    Thanks for all the info. Can you direct me to the best info to understand better what is happening with the KBC once it is deposited into Karatbit exchange? The banner in the webpage is not very clear and the terms link does not work, so the info for the process is limited.
    Thank you!

    • Margarita

      Hi Robert,

      Karatbit, in addition to other things, is a method to hold your cryptocurrency.
      If you hold KBC on Karatbit it will be taken care of if Karatbars does anything with the coin. So, you actually want to hold your KBC on Karatbit (this way you don’t have to transfer it back and forth)

      Obviously, you can also trade, send and receive funds on Karatbit.

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