1. Miemie

    I need to present Karatbars in short possible way..instead of a long story where possible investers get lost..any idea how?

    • Margarita

      Hi Miemie,

      I apologize for a delay.

      I think the best way is to show them a video on Karatbars Compensation Plan while they hold 2019 Compensation Plan brochure in their hands (so that they can follow)

      This up-to-date video (March 2019) was done by Brian McGinty and is very easy to understand.

      He goes through the entire compensation brochure — so he explains ALL 7 ways to get paid with Karatbars.

      If you just want to show them the Dual Team Compensation plan, it goes from 10.44 to 22.00 min.

      Much success to you 🙂

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