1. Lena

    I am so glad I came across your post! I am actually looking for ways to invest some money. I just sold some stocks and was thinking to check about buying gold. That is why is great I saw your post. Karatbars sounds something I would like to research further. Looks like the way to go. What I need to understand is if I want to sell the gold would they do it for me and how fast? Do you know anything about it?

    • Margarita

      Hello Lena,

      Thanks for your visit. If you want to sell your gold back to the company, Karatbars will buy it back at the guaranteed best buy-back price. You do in your back office. Like most people, personally, I have never done it so I am not sure how long it takes for them to process your request. People like their Karatbars gold! It is electronic so I would guess a couple days maximum.

      I went to my back office and made a screenshot. You can see “Buy Back Price” there at the bottom. In “My Gold” you can sell you gold back to the company, see “Gold BuyBack” and “BuyBack Pending Request”.

      Karatbars is actually one of the few companies that offers to buy gold back from its customers.

  2. Online with Nerissa S.

    Yeah. I’m in the same boat as Lena. I was actually looking online for 20 oz silver to invest in, however, now I am considering going with some gold too after reading about Karatbars… I suppose I could do as the article suggests and not put all of my eggs in one basket.

    I am astonished at the option of selling the gold back to Karatbars if I wanted to–thanks for the screenshot Margarita. That is a feature that I have yet to see at any other company, although I’ve only looked at three to date.

    Lastly, I know that it is all done electronic, but how long would it take to have my gold physically shipped to me?

    -Nerissa S.


    • Margarita

      Thank you for dropping by Nerissa.

      It takes about a week or so to ship to Canada and US. Like I mentioned in the article, it is done by FedEx.

      It is so simple to save in gold with this company! Their gold is also available in 0.1-gram weights and from October of 2016 there will be 0.2-gram, 0.4-gram and 0.6-gram weights.

  3. Mike

    Karatbars gold, hmm… sounds like something to think about. Is the information you used on your site original or did you copy and paste it from the other site? At the bottom you said you were using information provided by Cherylanne Gober. I have some research to do on this now.

    • Margarita

      Hello Mike,

      This article is written by me. The article is built around the facts on two vaults and the four-eye principle. The facts themselves are coming from Cherylanne Gober, like I said in the note.

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