1. Anonymous

    How do we access the gold that we are supposed to get from the Qr codes that are now supposed V999 coins that are supposed to be equivalent to 0.1 g each? I either want my gold or the fiat equivalent thereof?

    • Margarita


      QR codes? We’ll have to wait.
      I have a bunch of those QR codes as well…

      Let’s wait and see 🙂 Something eventually will come up down the road.

    • Margarita

      Hi Oriel,

      Apologizing for such a delayed reply.
      Karatbars has been sold to US company. Yes, somewhat disappointing.
      But Harald Seiz is still with the company.

      With time we’ll be able to reclaim our assets.
      For updates, please follow “V999/MBASE and affiliate updates” in Telegram on your phone

      Thank you.

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